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Hardware Protected Security for Ground Vehicles

Access mechanisms to system data and/or control is a primary use case of the hardware protected security environment (hardware protected security environment) during different uses and stages of the system. The hardware protected security environment acts as a gatekeeper for these use cases and not necessarily as the executor of the function. This section is a generalization of such use cases in an attempt to extract common requirements for the hardware protected security environment that enable it to be a gatekeeper. Examples are: Creating a new key fob Re-flashing ECU firmware Reading/exporting PII out of the ECU Using a subscription-based feature Performing some service on an ECU Transferring ownership of the vehicle Some of these examples are discussed later in this section and some have detailed sections of their own. This list is by no means comprehensive.

Guideline for Automotive Secure Key Management and Credential Distribution

This document will define architecture, design, and implementation requirements for vehicle key management security. This would of course include KMS interfaces, but would also include the ecosystem constraints, e.g., recommendations for hardening the OEM and Tier-1 backend systems (using role-based separation modeled on Uptane) to avoid single points of failure in key generation and key storage systems.