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Maneuver Sharing and Coordinating service

This project will provide requirements to support applications for the Maneuver Sharing and Coordinating service (MSCS) in order to improve road safety and traffic efficiency by sharing and coordinating vehicle maneuvers via V2V, V2I and/or V2P communications. The document development will start with concepts and use case scenarios for MSCS, and overview of MSCS systems and operations. It will define message sets for MSCS, and the effort may result in identifying new messages, data frames and data elements in SAE J2735. Requirements on system and communication will be specified. Work and progress from other standard development organizations and projects will be taken into account. This project is expected to result in a MSCS document and suggested updates to SAE J2735.

On-Board System Requirements for LTE V2X V2V Safety Communications

This new document, at a minimum a recommended practice, will use as a basis the existing SAE J2945/1 to a version that uses LTE V2X (Long Term Evolution Vehicle to X) as specified in 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) R-14 as the radio access technology and on-board vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) safety communications system for light vehicles. This new document addresses the on-board system needs for ensuring that the exchange of BSMs (Basic Safety Messages) in V2V safety communications provides the desired interoperability and data integrity to support the performance of the envisioned safety applications. Specifically, this new document will include standards profiles, functional requirements, and performance requirements.