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Insulating Compound, Electrical, Embedding, Reversion Resistant Silicone

This specification covers the requirements for two types of a two-part, transparent, reversion resistant flexible insulating compound, to provide resilient, environmental, and electrical insulation of components in systems in temperature range -85 to 392 °F (-65 to 200 °C). These insulating compounds are intended for embedding, potting or encapsulation of electrical and electronic components in systems where tear resistance is not critical, but their use is not limited to such applications. These transparent compounds allow visual circuit and part identification and facilitate part replacement and repairs. The insulating compound shall cure in sections of unlimited thickness, either exposed to air or completely sealed.

Jet Reference Fluid Study for Fuel Tank Sealants

This information report covers two distinct projects to formulate Jet Refrence Fluids (JRF) for testing of material compatibility. The first effort began in 1978 and focused on producing a formulation (JRF-2) that simulated JP-4 and included composition with metallic ions that reproduced chalking of fuel tank sealants. This effort resulted in the preparation of AMS2629 that defined the formulation of JRF-2 (Type 1) and the same formulation with metallic ions (Type 2). The second effort began in 2002 and focused on preparing a JRF that simulated Jet A, JP-5 and JP-8. This effort went through multiple iterations, but eventually resulted in a JRF-3 formulation composed of Jet A plus military additives spiked to 25% aromatic content and high levels of sulfur experienced in the global fuel supply. Since the metallic ions added to JRF-2 demonstrated their ability to simulate a chalking reaction, chalking was not tested with the ions added to JRF-3.

Standard Requirements for Aerospace Sealants and Adhesion Promoters

This document establishes standard requirements for aerospace sealants and adhesion promoters, which may be incorporated as part of Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) for such products. This document provides for commonality of methods and procedures for responsibility for inspection, source inspection, classification of tests, establishment of/and qualification to qualified products lists, approval, reports, resampling and retesting, packaging, and marking.

Standard Contaminant for Testing Aerospace Cleaners

This specification establishes requirements for a standard contaminant that can be used to represent typical soils encountered in aerospace cleaning. This standard contaminant consists of materials that are common contaminants found in aircraft maintenance depots and manufacturing facilities.

Test Method for Aerospace Firewall Sealant Flame Penetration

This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) describes the test methods to determine the flammability performance and capability to control the passage of, and effects from, fire on aircraft firewall sealing compounds. The methods are based requirements of FAR Part 25 Sections 25.865, 25.867, 25.1191, and 25.1193 and may be used to demonstrate compliance with the requirements established by FAA AC 20-135. This standard shall be used in conjunction with applicable material specifications.