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Guide for Identification of Terminal Lugs in Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS)

The intent of the SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) is to provide a process for users to identify the part number of AS7928 terminal lugs installed in civilian or military applications, although it can also be used to identify terminals that have been stored incorrectly. This ARP is subject to change to keep pace with experience and technical advances of AS7928 terminals. A current set of tables are provided to list and identify current AS7928 terminal lug configurations per the associated specification detail sheet and terminal lug configuration. Specific configuration details, graphic, size, and marking information for each individual terminal lug is provided to assist the product user with accurate selection for replacement or identification.

Terminal Junction System (TJS), Environment Resistant General Specification For


AS81714 covers Terminal Junction System (TJS) components which are used for interconnection of wiring and incorporation of passive components (see 6.1). These environment resistant components have in common the use of crimp type external pin contacts in accordance with AS39029/1 for Series I or crimp type external socket contacts in accordance with AS39029/22 for Series II. This family of TJS components is designed to operate continuously over a temperature range of -65 to 200 °C, using any combination of temperatures generated by the electrical load and ambient temperature so that the maximum internal hot spot, combined temperature, will not exceed the maximum specified for the class of TJS component, unless otherwise specified (1.2, 3.1). The maximum continuous temperature established by the electronic components in a component module (block) shall be limited to the block maximum continuous temperature. The components making up the system and covered by AS81714 include: