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Technical Paper

Impact of Non-Thermal Plasma on Particulate Emissions in Application in a Diesel Engine Exhaust Duct

Particulates and nitrogen oxides comprise the main emission components of the Diesel combustion and therefore are subject to exhaust emission legislation in respective applications. Yet, with ever more stringent emission standards and test-procedures, such as in passenger vehicle applications, resulting exhaust gas after-treatment systems are quite complex and costly. Hence, new technologies for emission control have to be explored. The application of non-thermal plasma (NTP) as a means to perform exhaust gas after-treatment is one such promising technology. In several publications dealing with NTP exhaust gas after-treatment the plasma state was generated via dielectric barrier discharges. Another way to generate a NTP is by a corona high-frequency discharge. Hence, in contrast to earlier publications, the experiments in this publication were conducted on an operated series-production Diesel engine with an industrial pilottype corona ignition system.