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Technical Paper

A Rotary Valve Combustion System with Throttleless Inlet Charge Control

A Rotary Valve combustion System (RVS) is being developed which is a potential alternative to the conventional poppet valve combustion chamber systems currently in use on four-stroke reciprocating automotive engines. The RVS has been developed to operate in a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) mode, termed RVS/VVT. The system accomplishes variation of intake-valve-closure from 50 degrees After-Top-Center (ATC) to 250 degrees ATC. This broad range of variability is necessary to achieve throttleless power control from idle to full power. The RVS was evaluated for characteristics which were independent of its valve timing mode. These included: (1) system friction, (2) seal effectiveness, and (3) combustion performance at full load. System friction for the RVS valve train was measured by a pulley transducer on the drive-belt. Seal effectiveness was evaluated by static differential compression tests and dynamic blowby measurements.