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Technical Paper
Roman Varbanets, Sergey Karianskyi, Sergey Rudenko, Igor V. Gritsuk, Aleksey Yeryganov, Olena Kyrylash, Nadezhda Aleksandrovskaya
Operability and efficiency of automobiles and infrastructure of stationary power and transport significantly depends on technical condition and technical operation of internal combustion engines, mostly which are diesel engines. Expedient operation of diesel engines in processes holding a timely procedure of parameters monitoring of technical condition and identification, during the work. In the article features of diagnosing of the diesel engine with uniformity of loadings distribution between cylinders provided that of ensuring normal operating state of the fuel units and components of the main systems of the diesel are considered. Results of definition of engine power, efficiency of fuel using and observance of the main ecological restrictions depending on uniformity of distribution of loadings between cylinders are presented. Also in article the main methods of diagnosing of the diesel engine in processes of its work under operating conditions are described.
Technical Paper
Igor V. Gritsuk, Valery Aleksandrov, Sergii Panchenko, Artur Kagramanian, Oksana Sobol, Aleksandr Sobolev, Roman Varbanets
Abstract Thermal control of a vehicle engine operation is a key aspect of the development of a vehicle warming-up systems. The use of heat accumulators and phase transition heat-accumulating materials is perspective. The given article describes the ways of improving thermal properties of phase transition heat-accumulating materials in the processes of their designing, the efficient ways of heat transfer from phase transition heat-accumulating materials to heat carrying agent of heat accumulators and then to vehicles. To create reliable phase transition heat-accumulating materials, different ways of their realization are suggested. One of them is the construction of the corresponding phase diagrams to determine an optimal composition of phase transition heat-accumulating materials with higher thermal properties to operate in a given temperature range.
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