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Technical Paper
Thirumalai kannan Kandaswamy
This aim of this paper is to investigate the tribochemical property of chemically modified jojoba seed oil with the additive of graphene nanoparticle as a blend in mineral oil for the use of engine oil lubricant. Jojoba oil is synthesized using epoxidation, hydroxylation, and transesterification process. Oil samples are formulated with various blends of chemically modified jojoba oil to the base engine oil with the 0.05 to 0.75 % wt. of carbon based nanoparticle particles. Tribological tests were conducted on a four-ball tribometer under extreme pressure and anti-wear conditions for formulated blend and Pin on disc tribometer for wear and friction measurement. Results show that under extreme load conditions the blends of 30% jojoba oil show lesser wear scar diameter when compared with the other blends. And also the addition of graphene nanoparticles could enhance the lubrication properties of their blends.
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