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Technical Paper
Nora Ramirez, Ulises Figueroa, Andrea Guevara-Morales, Alejandro Rojo
Simulations of impact events in the automotive industry are now common practice. Vehicle crashworthiness simulations on plastic components cover a wide range of strain rates from 0.01 to 500 s-1. Because plastics mechanical properties are very dependent on strain rate, developing experimental methods for generating stress-strain curves at this strain rate range is of great technological importance. An impact pendulum was modified so that the impact-deformation-fracture process of a specimen hit by the swing of a pendulum could be monitored. Forces were measured with a piezoresistive sensor while deformation was recorded with a high-speed video camera. Engineering stress-strain curves were obtained. Strain rates between 90 to 175 s-1 were achieved. Two polypropylene based polymers were tested at 20°C and -20°C.
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