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Technical Paper

The Accuracy of Photogrammetry vs. Hands-on Measurement Techniques used in Accident Reconstruction

A study was conducted to assess the relative accuracy of two measurement techniques commonly used for vehicle measurements in damaged-based accident reconstruction. The traditional technique of hands-on measurement was compared with the use of photogrammetry for measurement of targeted damaged vehicles. Three undamaged vehicles were subjected to 4 impacts, resulting in 4 damaged areas (two front, one side and one rear). The study's intent was only to examine the accuracy of each measurement technique. The influence of other confounding independent variables such as selection of measurement location on the vehicle, reference line location, and definitions of what constitutes "damage," etc., were controlled for and minimized by using predefined measurement points on the vehicles and prescribed station lines. The points on each vehicle were measured using both techniques, and compared to baseline reference measurements obtained via a TOPCON GPT-7005i prismless imaging total station.