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Technical Paper
Greg Suter, Lodewijk Wijffels, Oliver Nehls
This paper will detail the development of a Handling Controller designed to assist the driver in recovering from oversteer situations using an Active Front Steering (AFS) system. The AFS system uses an electric motor to provide a steering angle overlay to the driver’s steering input. This angle can be used to supplement countersteer during an oversteer event, and to rapidly remove countersteer when the sideslip is collapsing, preventing a fishtailing situation. Key factors considered in designing the system were functional safety considerations for potential sensor failures, and how to assist the driver without creating an unnatural feel or excessive torque feedback in the steering wheel. This system may be used to supplement brake stability controls, increasing stability levels with less harshness. The lessons learned from this application may also be used in designing autonomous steering systems to recover from oversteer situations.
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